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It has set my daughters mind at rest. I live alone and often forget things, like closing the garage. I don't think I do so anymore!?
-- Arlene C.

We had Shield install an alarm at our home. They were professional and neat. We love the system, it's easy to use. We would definitely recommend them to our friends and have already
-- Brad B.

We had you install an alarm system for us several years ago. We love the system and your professionalism
-- Dave W.

Very pleased with your service. During the winter had a problem in the basement which set off sump pump alarm. My daughter was notified, preventing a major problem. Your invoices are easy to read and understand and include all the necessary information- Nice job
-- Kathy S.

Excellent service and response times
-- John & Susanne P.

Awesome job!
-- Joal L.

You are doing a great job! Recently I pushed the panic button by mistake-they called me immediately & I explained the error! I was so happy tat the police did not come-the staff cancelled the emergency call. Phew! They always help me with my mistakes
-- Pat F.

Wonderful job with monitoring. Response time is very quick. We are pleased with your service
-- Susan T.

Great-when my insurance company wanted information about my security system, you sent me the information promptly. Thank you
-- Anne V.

We are so happy & pleased with Shield Alarm. So friendly, helpful, and responsive when called. Thank you so much for all that you do
-- Joe P.

We appreciate the prompt and courteous service that you provide. The system works well and as advertised
-- Kim J.

Still very happy with the system and service!
-- Joanne P.

We are thankful you are there. Our system has functioned very well and we appreciate the quality of the installation and service
-- Carol V.

Very nice people-you, Bryan, your brother Todd, and your father. Professional & always willing to help out with my questions. I feel a lot more secure especially when away from home
-- William M.

We are very pleased with the alarm system and monitoring
-- Sharon B.

Our daughter inadvertently tripped the alarm checking on the house for us. The operator was very helpful and kind to her in her panic. Thank you
-- Robert J.

Before your services I used to worry about every creak & crack the house made thinking the worst. It's a great peace of mind and I don't get out of bed to check noises. Most important you are not raising fees
-- Janice M.

Thanks for working with me on our new windows. Very good service!
-- Bob J.

The service is excellent on all levels. It's a pleasure to do business with you!
-- Jane Z.

Flawless install & great service
-- Joe R.

You are great!
-- Michelle S.

We are so pleased that we advertise for you continuously!
-- Pat L.

Great piece of mind. Nice job
-- Al D.

Prompt& efficient responses! Thanks! I feel safe
-- Gerry D.

-- Antonio C.

Outstanding service. Good to have piece of mind. I highly recommend you
-- Linda W.

Great Job! We had a false alarm but it was handled very professionally and reinforced our confidence
-- Lawrence C.

Thank you for piece of mind
-- Mary M.

Always prompt, courteous, always very professional & friendly. Would highly recommend them to any household or business
-- Richard K.

I have been with Shield Alarm for years and they have always been there to help with all my concerns about my alarm. They come when you call and are always very nice.
-- Mary Jo D.

2nd generation family owned business. Fast, professional response to all homeowner needs, along with very knowledgeable recommendations for planning, set up & activation. Very neat and efficient installation. Extremely pleased with whole house install and later additions
-- Mark Z.

I feel so much safer with your system. Fire, theft, sub pump monitoring & carbon monoxide monitoring is great. Thank you for your service to me. I am very happy
-- Patricia R.

We're very pleased with our service
-- Phyllis C.

Thanks for not increasing the service. With a fixed income and having a disability I am thankful!
-- Bernie K.

I am very satisfied with your service
-- Mary Lee C.

From the time of our initial installation many years ago, you have always been very professional and responsive
-- Robert J.

Excellent protection, kind employees
-- Miriam F.

We are doing great, I love my alarm
-- Josephine C.

We could not be happier with the system you installed. It has always served us well & we feel very secure with it
-- Pat L.

Excellent service response time and follow up! Thank you for helping to keep our home and family safe!
-- Susanne P.

We've got unruly neighbors across the st. from us (a rental)This gives us a feeling of security for which we thank you
-- Jean S.

Fantastic, in the past 15 years you have always been 100% efficient. Thank you
-- Mary M.

Absolutely am thrilled with your service & responsiveness
-- Mary A.

Very pleased with your service. I can leave my home and know it is protected by Shield Alarm Systems. My vacations are worry free. Thank you
-- Jessie R.

Thanks for another year of monitoring our home
-- Gwynne P.

I feel much safer after I turn the system on. I live alone
-- Mary H.

I am deeply grateful for your efficient responses to all my requests & concerns. Your work integrity and respect is outstanding. It's a miracle that I was referred to you. Thank you for caring about me and my safety. Always love and respect
-- Lucy L.

Superb-and you can tell everyone
-- Paul M.

Like service, thank you
-- Shaniqua T.

Service always excellent
-- Marjorie C.

As along time customer, I have ALWAYS been completely satisfied with your service
-- Lorene S.

Just arrived home from Florida after a month and felt comfortable knowing that Shied Alarm was monitoring our home. Thank you
-- Bob & Charlene V.

Only one false alarm in 5 years and it was my fault. Excellent, reliable system
-- Dale G.

We are pleased with the system and service. Our calls to Shield have been answered promptly and the answers satisfactory. Our interaction with the system monitoring have been prompt and good
-- Richard B.

-- Susanne G.

Keep up the great work-we would recommend Shield to anyone
-- Katherine P.

I'm very pleased with the service
-- Sabrina N.

You are the best. Thank you
-- Bob J.

Excellent service for 7 plus years!
-- Jack P.

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