Security System Monitoring

securitymonitoring.pngThe most important link in your entire security system is often found running exposed along the backside of your home and into the basement - your phone line. If someone were to cut that line, or if a tree limb fell on lines down the street even, your alarm system would not be able to communicate with emergency responders during a crisis. Even broadband phone lines and internet communications can fail when you need them most. That is why Shield Alarm Systems are backed up by radio communication, known as secured monitoring, that functions even when your phone lines are out. A wireless radio signal is sent across our proprietary network and received at our Response Center in just a few seconds, notifying us of an emergency. In an age of digital phones, VOIP, telecommunications industry consolidation, and unreliable phone service, make sure your system can stay in touch with us, with or without your main phone service.

  • Allows your system to communicate even if your phone lines are cut or damaged. Signal communicated via Shield's own proprietary radio network.
  • Ideal for customers who use digital ("VOIP") telephones.
  • Secure communication for your emergency signals, even in the insecure world of global telecom.

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